Pull down European Wallbeds

The wall beds mechanism is from Belgium, and all wood cabinetry is made in New Zealand at Hidden Bed.

This is a fantastic European Fold Out Wall Bed system; it is most suitable Especially for Auckland Apartments;

Also for Spare Rooms for those family guests. 

They convert an Office into a spare room very easily.

This Hidden bed type unit is the best of the Wall beds we could find in Europe; these Wardrobe bed Mechanisms / Cupboard beds are made in France.

The bed base is Wooden Beech slats.

We have one Special manufacturer based near Wellington that can style your Wardrobe to fit these fold-out wall beds into any Room.

Any colorway of your choice is available: note well to match a special color by paint will cost more.

The pull-down beds can have Straight modern Finish

All woodwork is designed to your specifications in Auckland, at our showroom for this cupboard bed.

You are welcome to visit our Showroom.

We also sell the mechanism without the woodwork. This costs $2500, and you can DIY these wardrobe fold-out beds.

We have a display model in 2 locations in Auckland

Our showroom in Mairangi Bay, North Shore, or also in The strand design center in Parnell….

These Wall beds give you a contemporary and concealed look that allows you to function during the day and get the rest you need at night.

The wardrobe bed blends in as an accessory to the room.

These wall beds are commercial-grade wall beds; they come in Double sizes to fit better into smaller rooms.

Ideal for all apartment beds, motel beds, hotel beds, student accommodation, and any area which you wish to convert to a Guest Room using Space-saving wall beds.

The Wall beds are designed for full-time use and have a 5-year warranty on all moveable parts; the ease of the Murphy wall bed system allows this.

The Price advertised includes A Fantastic Mattress From Sealy New Zealand, and Free Installation in the Auckland Area.

Dimensions for Double 150cm x 2.10

Dimensions for Queen 160cm x 2.10

Fold-Down European WallBed

Commercial WallBeds

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