Fabrics for Truck Sidings from Indonesia

AGTex Technical Textiles products are integrated with European Coating Technology & supreme technical expertise.

The primarily PVC coating impregnates high tenacity polyester yarn of woven base cloth and provides impressive dimensional stability, tensile strength, and tear strength on the finished material.

PVC-coated fabrics are one of the most commonly used products for outdoor applications. They are flexible, durable, and have excellent UV protection for trucks.

Applying the exterior coatings as surface sealing to enhance maximum protection against atmospheric chemical, microbial and fungal attacks and weather and environment-friendly resistance to Ultra Violet, Thermal, Rain, Abrasion, and Flame Retardant.

The high-performance material with a long lifespan and low cost, time, and effort of maintenance cuts across almost all segments rendering the integrated coated technical textile the icon of Outdoor Covers and Protections.


Tarpaulin / Membrane Fabrics / Side Ends for Trucks

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