About us

Scorpio Agencies was formed in March 1983 together by Brett and Sandra Fleetwood. 

The Business was started by Importing Textiles & Sofa Bed / Recliner mechanisms from USA and Europe from our Home-based office. We then got into Importing German Beer and Exporting New Zealand Wine to England, and then importing Mattress Tickings from Belgium.

In 1996 we purchased The Fleetwood Fabric Textile Brand , and this enabled us to enter into the New Zealand and Australian Drapery business. 

In 1998 we started the business Doublerum Fishing Charters, This business is still going strong today 

In 2000 The Technical fabric Era occurred, we became heavily involved in Membrane fabrics for Hospitals and Rest homes, wide-width 3-pass coated for medical purposes thru Belgium producer Plastibert. 

This business is a growing business and we sell to several manufacturers 

We built our new offices and warehouse in 2010, in which we now currently operate from also now we have a warehouse we started an Online Foldout Bed / Space Saving Furniture and Airbed Business

With technology and DHL, we are actively selling in Australia, the USA, Columbia, Mexico, and The Middle East. 

Sending samples by DHL Courier and Technology like Skype/and Zoom has helped us expand globally.

During 2012 We have now gone into the development of a full range of adult incontinence products. This Brand is Sensi Dryness, the products are Pull-ups and Adult wrap around. We sell directly to rest homes and the public online through our site www.dryness.co.nz

In January 2014 we have launched New Zealand-wide Through the Hidden wall bed company a full range of European Wallbeds from The Sedac Group. Our showroom has been Redesigned to give customers an idea what their rooms can look like.

There are now Showrooms in Wellington and Central City Auckland at the Design concept showroom in Parnell;  We also sell these space-saving beds through our websites below. 

https://trundlerbeds.co.nz/ and our airbed’s through https://airbeds.co.nz/ directly to the public.

Meet Our Team

Brett Fleetwood

Brett Fleetwood


Textiles is my passion, but I am keen also on scuba diving, fishing and boating in New Zealand’s beautiful waters. We’re all supporting The Sweet Louise Foundation.

Sandra Fleetwood

Sandra Fleetwood

Director and Accounts.

Sandra does all Inward Collections and Outward Payments. Runs the office with Amy. Has been in the Business right from the beginning, together a great team at Scorpio is Formed.

Ben Fleetwood

Ben Fleetwood

The Office Muscles.

Works sometimes in the warehouse and office ensuring products are dispatched and loaded on time , and everything runs smoothly. He currently works also full time at Engeo where he is a Geology Technician.

Amy Fleetwood

Amy Fleetwood

Customer Administration and Marketing Manager.

Works in the office helping customers out with their queries and bring a fresh perspective to the team.