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NITRO-TEC NewZealand

This Website is the Home page to Advertise a Technical product designed in Italy for Nitrate removal from water.
The Nitro Tec Machine is Designed and
Produced in Italy,for NewZealand conditions.
Especially Designed for the removal of Nitrates and other contaminates in Wastewater, coming mainly from NewZealand Farming applications
This Machine is designed to help stop Nitrate Leaching in waste water treatment

This machine is designed for easy movability. It reduces the discharge of Nitrates up to 85% which can run into oceans, rivers and waterways from Dairy Farms, Piggeries and Poultry farms. 

We are also now doing tests to use this machine also for Salt Water conversion into fresh drinking water and also to see if human waste can also be cleared of all bacteria and disease through our machine. 
The Machine also takes Oil away from Sand,this is done in the adjustment settings,but water still must run thru.Mainly this machine is designed to stop Nitrate leeching and enviroment pollution.

This machine has been proven to run well attached to the back end of Bio Gas plants in Italy to remove all Wastes / Nitrates from the Bio gas Waste Water process ,plus also on the back end of Pig farms to remove all Nitrates and Ammonias from Pig Solids and Waste Water.

The Mission of The Nitro-Tec

Our company together with our Italian and Dutch partners presents the latest Technology in relation to the management of enviromental problems in both the Industrial and Agricultural fields.
The research efforts are oriented towards the experimentation and creation of new patents related to the purifying of water and the production of electricity from renewable sources.The goal is to make available on the market new econologies in line with the latest European Union /and WorldWide directives. 

How Nitro-tech works


The operating phases that are completely performed automatically,


The loading of the contaminated liquid in the system used for the treatment happens automatically, through pumps commanded by a computer control

the treatment chambers are filled with the 35°-55°(depending on the available heat source)


This preheated material Then consequently undergoes the stripping treatment, and allows the extraction of Ammonia

The discharge after completion of treatment of the liquid and after the removal of the nitrogen, which reaches a reduction varies depending on the kind of fluid or sludge and the processing recharge batch time approximately - 60% up to - 75%
Is taken out

The stripping process is carried out in batches ,which besides having a reduced energetic consumption;

The out coming Ammonia in Gaseous form is collected in a Sulfatic acid solution.


With a Concentration of 50% the converted by-product is Ammonia-Sulfate in liquid form with a concentration of 30%-35% ( Ammonia-Sulfate is a high valuable fertilizer)

Our machine is Environmental friendly, no discharges of Chemicals substances in the environment.

This also means a minimum use of water for the regular washing of the internal system, useful to keep the system at peak performance and reduce the machine maintenance shifts (no detergent is used)

ll of the operative parameters used are constantly monitored, and registered daily in files which can be seen in the Farm database. The duration of the treatment for every single batch varies depending on the quantity of Nitrogen to be curbed. The system can be monitored remotely and permits a registration of the process performance on an organized computer system.

he Treated liquid manure is suitable for the fertilized irrigation, since it is composed mainly of the Carbon group and micro-nutrient elements; therefore the use of this solution in open field is essential to balance the Carbon/Nitrogen ratio, useful to restore the land's fertility parameters which are ideal for providing intensive production.

      Nitro-Tec method of Nitrate Reduction

The Nitro-Tec system is an Ammonia stripping technology for processing Nitrate concentrated liquids.
This system is capable of ensuring  a reduction of the ammonia Nitrogen between 75% and 85% (depending on the kind of polluted liquid) Being treated,without using chemicals in the reaction.
The to be treated fluids can orginate from different sectors,


      • *   Agricultural sector(liquid manure from animal breeding , dairy farms ....)  
        * Biogas -plants for the treatment of the outgoing digestate.
        *  Industrial sector, treatment of fluids orginated from slaughterhouses ,cheese factories.
        *  Sewage treatment plants for the processing of the sludge.
        *   Greenhouses  for the treatment of nutrient liquids run of from plants.

        The system is supplied in containers that can vary in size ,(20 foot or 40 foot)which depends upon the daily productive capacity;
        For example for the processing of 25-30 cbm of liquid manure is a machine needed which treats approx. 1-1.5 cbm per hour,this is our smaller machine.
        The machines are made to suit with in the Container size
        The ease of transportation from site to site is a huge benefit.
        Byproduct of the Nitro-tech 




        In the process is the use of Sulfatic acid in a concentration of 50% integrated thats convert as an out coming by-product as Ammonia-Sulfate in liquid form with a concentration of 30%-35%.


         Ammonia–Sulfate, in fact is one of the most important molecules for both agricultural and the agro-industrial sector as a valuable liquid fertilizer.

         It is a resource for the agricultural farm and offers an economical value to this product, it is a result a secondary commercial resource in the total budget.






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